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The quickest way to

Your own Virtual Agent

Get Free!

A Virtual Agent (Chatbot) is an automated system that provides answers to customers' questions. It acts as a real-life sales or support agent. Virtual agent improves online customer experience by providing instant help to your website's visitors. Its advantages being speed, effectiveness, low costs and trainability.
  • Better online customer service 24/7
  • Reduced customer service costs (less telephone calls and emails)
  • More customers and improved customer response
  • Increased online sales and revenues
You will finally find out what your customers are really looking for and provide them with an enhanced customer experience.
  • Modules with predefined replies
  • Templates with predefined questions
  • A dashboard for easy customization
  • A knowledge editor for updating and adding replies
  • Analytic tools for improving your Virtual Agent and your website
  • Triggers for automated proactive conversation invitations
  • Intelligent website text search for better search results
  • Guided conversational assistance for two-way dialogue
  1. 1


    in a minute

    Create a chatbot by using
    predefined knowledge.
    It is free, quick and easy.
  2. 2


    in a few minutes

    Integrate a chatbot into your
    website by copying and
    pasting one line of HTML code.
  3. 3



    Enjoy watching your new
    chatbot answer your visitors'
    questions 24/7 instead of you.


Website improvement
The Virtual Agent will improve your website, making it interesting and dynamic.
The agent can also be used as an intelligent website text search tool with built-in technology for automated knowledge extraction. Take advantage of guided conversational assistance for two-way dialogue. Invite your website's visitors, generate interest in your products and services or promote a special offer with powerful automated proactive conversation invitations (triggers).
Customizing your Virtual Agent will only take you a minute of your time.
It's easy to personalize your Virtual Agent by changing a few settings, e.g. the Virtual Agent’s name, language, style, color and image. In addition, you can enable or disable modules with predefined replies reflecting the agent's personality ("How are you?") or incorporating general knowledge ("Tell me a joke!"), information from Wikipedia ("What is sushi?"), chat phrases ("Hello!") and other fillers.
Your Virtual Agent has a great learning capability. Add new replies that can be used in conversations with your website's visitors.
You can teach your Virtual Agent to provide correct replies to your website visitors' questions. Using predefined templates that provide information on your products and services is quick and easy.
Add your own Virtual Agent to your website! It is easy, effective and it only takes a few minutes.
Just create a SecondEGO account and place the customizable widget by pasting a line of code in your website. It's as simple as adding a Google analytics to your HTML code. The agent will start conversing with visitors immediately.
Customized packages
Different packages are available to our users, so that everyone is able to find something for themselves.
Do you require additional options, such as custom themes, branding, increased feature limits (e.g. more answers per month), special templates and knowledge modules, or support for other languages? We can connect your Virtual Agent with your databases and applications too (e.g. live chat, CRM, helpdesk software). Contact us for additional information.
Test your Virtual Agent's performance and retrieve information on the number of users and their interests.
Get to know your customers and find out what they are really looking for. Your users’ questions provide invaluable data that cannot be gathered by using traditional analytic tools. Improve your Virtual Agent and your website with the aid of built-in analytics features.
I am in love with this product! With SecondEGO, our customers are able get instant answers to their questions even when I am not around. After I started using SecondEGO, the number of telephone calls and emails I’ve been receiving has dropped by 80 percent. Tim Lewis